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AccuracyNow Language Services supports the industry specific needs of areas such as healthcare, education, social services, and manufacturing in a precise, exact and timely manner


Being able to clearly communicate with a limited-English proficient (LEP) patient is a matter of life and death. Language services in a healthcare setting promotes effective communication between health care professionals and LEP and Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients. This allows you to provide the highest quality of care for your patients ensuring you are meeting their needs at the highest level.


The Greater Cincinnati area is culturally and linguistically diverse, and our schools reflect this. According to National KIDS COUNT Project, 8% of children aged 5 to 17 in Ohio speak a language other than English at home. Access to language services in educational settings is crucial for student academic and social success and promotes an environment of inclusion and nurturing.

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Social Services Worker

Social Services

The Greater Cincinnati area is culturally and linguistically diverse: 8% of Ohioans speak a language other than English at home (U.S. Census Bureau). Culture and language influence the individual’s belief system as it relates to their health, personal development, and well-being. Utilizing proficient interpreters in human services settings is essential for providing culturally competent support services, improving the quality of care and client compliance and satisfaction.


As much as effective communication is essential to any successful business, language barriers may arise in a diverse and multilingual work environment. If you manage a linguistically and culturally diverse workforce, you will want to bridge the language gap to promote effective communications and provide your employees with the best tools to perform their jobs. Investing in professional language services will do exactly that.